High-Tech Minimalist

Group task:

Peter Stordalen is opening a hotel, the hotel rooms must have three different concepts. We chose our target group to be Generation Z.

People born after 1995 are considered to be in Generation Z. Everything being authentic, natural, and multifunctional. They have a comfort zone with things that are trust worthy. At Oslo Design fair, they talked about this generation and how they where born in a society with a lot of conflict and distance. With that being said, they usually go back to the thing that are natural and trust worthy to feel comfortable. Its trendy to be a good person and they are focused on technology. Smartphones and services used by apps are things they use on a daily basis.

Our moodboard in the making..









Our three concepts for the rooms were Harmony, Honest, and Sympathy. The rooms where thought to be relaxed in and there would be one material used in each room.

Harmony with wood

Honest with concrete

Sympathy with limestone











The reception is non-staffed and has self checkin with a QR-code from the booking site. The drawing shows how we thought it could look like, and of coarse everything in the same materials as the rooms. Wood, concrete, and limestone.             


Our restaurant would serve healthy vegan and ecological food. The food would be ordered through and app.





The bathrooms in the rooms and throughout the hotel will be as illustrated under.


We have natural soaps on the moodboard

as an example of what kind of products we

though of using.

These are Stonesoapspa soaps.





The lounge will be a gathering point for our guests and its will be more of a cozy place to hang out and socialize.


Finished Moodboard